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See. Inspire. Thrive.

The visibility of LGBT+ role models and allies has never been so important within financial services. In 2019, we set a bold target of encouraging 1000 people to become visible. Visibility is important because it helps to create safe spaces and improves phycological safety.

Join this session to discover how you can become visible on our new platform and help LGBT Great to improve the reputation of our industry for LGBT+ talent. We will also share with you 5 things that you can do to uplift and empower our wonderful community based on feedback we have collated. Visibility will help us to break down stereotypes, normalise identities and improve the perception of financial services.

LGBT Great is proud to confirm that we have inspired 572 people to become visible and we are fully focused on achieving the collective goal. This virtual conversation will share our strategic plan of how we aspire to achieve the goal by the end of 2022. We need your help!

The 3 questions we will be exploring during the session:

  1. What impact can visible role models and allies have?
  2. How can we achieve the Project 1000 goal together and what can you do to help?
  3. How can you set up a personal Project 1000 profile on the LGBT Great platform?

If you join this session, we will provide you with:

  • A free individual lifetime Project 1000 membership to our community platform
  • A list of tips of how to inspire others to become visible


  • Alex Hoare (Global Insights and Content Manager at LGBT Great)

    Alex Hoare

    Global Insights and Content Manager at LGBT Great