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Join LGBT Great's Inclusive Language Guide launch webinar to discover how it fosters inclusivity within companies by addressing diverse identities across various languages.

About the Webinar:

LGBT Great is pleased to share with you the launch of our Inclusive Langauge GuideThis comprehensive guide covers diverse languages, empowering employees to communicate respectfully and inclusively, and explores what best practice looks like across a range of linguistic and professional environments.

Discover how inclusive language helps companies resonate with diverse audiences and promotes a culture of belonging.

What We Are Going To Talk About:

  • Language guides provide a framework to avoid biases, discriminatory language, and slang, fostering an inclusive and respectful work environment.
  • Inclusive language ensures effective communication with diverse audiences, strengthening connections with clients and partners.
  • By using inclusive language, companies can demonstrate their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, attracting top talent and enhancing their brand reputation.
  • Addressing identities across various languages empowers employees to be culturally sensitive and respectful, promoting a sense of belonging and camaraderie.
  • Inclusive language guides are a proactive step toward breaking down barriers and promoting equality within the workplace and society.

Use our hashtag #SpeakInclusively on your socials and let us know what's the best langauge advise you have been given!


3:00 PM - 3:15 PM
Opening Remarks: Why Language is important?
3:15 PM - 3:35 PM
Understanding the Language Guide | How to Use it
3:35 PM - 3:45 PM


  • Alexander Hoare (Executive Director and Head of Advisory at LGBT Great)

    Alexander Hoare

    Executive Director and Head of Advisory at LGBT Great


    Alex is an experienced corporate insight and strategy professional with extensive experience supporting investment and private equity organisations.

    Alex was the first in his family to go to university, completing a BA in Modern Languages at The University of Oxford and an MA in Italian Studies from The University of Warwick. He is also a proud member of the LGBT+ community and has been involved in the launch and implementation of multiple DE&I networks.

    Alex is responsible for the strategic development of LGBT Great’s insights, research, and content and for advising financial services organisations on LGBT+ sustainability issues.

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  • Shreyas Dutta (Research Analyst at LGBT Great)

    Shreyas Dutta

    Research Analyst at LGBT Great


    Shreyas is an Insights and Content Analyst at LGBT Great, where he supports the delivery of a wide range of research and insights projects. Having recently completed an MA in International Relations from the University of Essex and a BSc in Economics at Symbiosis International University Pune, India, Shreyas is particularly interested in LGBTQ+ policy and current affairs. After completing his BSC, he co-founded Economikly, an open-access research platform designed to help underrepresented students publish research and gain knowledge with no monetary barriers.Before joining LGBT Great, Shreyas worked with Ogilvy in their account management department and gained experience at Routes2Roots, an India-headquartered NGO working to improve access to cultural exchange programs. He is a proud member of the LGBT+ community and has been heavily involved in public lobbying and activism for LGBT+ rights and inclusion in India.

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